Enshi Grand Canyon. National AAAAA grade Scenic Spot. National geological park.
          Enshi grand canyon tourism development co., LTD is the subsidiary of enshi tourism group, enshi tourism group has a 70% stake, enshi "government a 30% stake. Company is a state-owned holding enterprises, according to the requirements of modern enterprise system, the company established a perfect corporate governance. The board of directors of the company set up seven directors (five brigade group 2, the municipal people's government), chairman of the board of directors as a legal representative, the board of supervisors shall have a supervisor three; Company set up the general manager office, safety production management office, the human resources department, finance department, Marketing Department, engineering department, cableway operations, security agency, the scenic area management, hotel management, tourist reception center eight 2 rooms one center, the company existing staff 270 people, management staff of 58 people.
        Enshi grand canyon tourism development co., LTD. On June 14, 2006, officially registered in enshi industrial and commercial bureau, the initial registered capital of RMB 4 million. On August 22, 2005 and enshi "government signed the cooperation contract that development of enshi grand canyon dipper village scenic area, started on May 8, 2006, soft opening on April 28, 2008, is now a registered capital of 61.7325 million yuan. Enshi "of the people's government awarded the company enjoys exclusive enshi grand canyon scenic spots 50 years development.
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